Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Week 9

Even though Kate is having a challenge to work on Christmas things, I'm still far enough behind that this week's 15 minutes were devoted to a Halloween project.
I'm making this pattern - a 1961 Simplicity dress - for one of the Dude's friend's little sister. She's going to be Shirley Temple from Stand Up and Cheer.
Since my in-laws were in town this past week, my 15 minutes on this dress were about all I got in the sewing room! But well worth it - I think the costume is going to be great.
Tuesday - read through pattern
Wednesday - ironed fabric, laid out pattern pieces
Thursday - laid out pattern pieces
Friday - cut pattern pieces
Saturday - cut pattern pieces
Sunday - transferred pattern markings
Monday - sewed darts, bodice

I should be able to finish the dress easily within the next week, with the added bonus of not getting frustrated with a step because I'm not devoting all my time to it.
Also in the coming week, I have to add the red markings of a black widow to the Dude's spider costume. Unfortunately, this means I have to Google black widow pictures.

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  1. As I read through blogs I see so many Halloween 'things' I want to try but I think I'll have to put it off until after the new year. Congrats on your progress this week.

  2. Steady progress all week. Sometimes that works best. Have fun with the black widow photos you Google!