Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Come Sail Away - Top Finished

So as I mentioned yesterday, the sailboat quilt top is done!
I was wrong about the piecing - the water went together way faster than the sky. But at least that meant I got the hard part over with first!
There are a few places I wish there were less seams, or I had spent more time making sure the water "flowed" the right way, or I hadn't used the lightest colored sails against the sky, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
It's about 50x45" - I'll get a better measure after I starch and press it.
I named it "Come Sail Away" because when my parents go on a cruise, my dad always calls as the ship pulls away from the dock to sing that song. Yeah, we have some weird family traditions.


  1. Glad to know others have "quirky", fun things in their family, too :-) I absolutely am in love with your quilt. My Mom's favorite thing are lighthouses and sailboats. Growing up, we lived on a lake and she was an Auxiliary Coast Guard Commander. Can you please let me know where you got the pattern because I know this quilt (or one like it) would really be special for her. Thanks!
    Mary Ann from Rocknquilts, wife of USAF Ret. MSgt.