Monday, July 28, 2014

WiP - Pool Time

I'm at my in laws, so there's not a lot of sewing going on here.

Whole lot of this, though.

I did manage to get some stuff done before I left, and during naptimes.

Okay, Central Park Sudoku isn't new, but the finished post is.

Checked off part 2 of Ripples and Reflections - a whooping 2.75 hours to build these four matching blocks, at 180 pieces total. I was right about them luring you in with part 1 being fairly easy. Glad to put it away for a month!

Now I'm strip piecing my Hello Luscious-Avignon Picnic. Strips are done and cutting is happening...when there aren't little fingers around. And there's twice as many of those than normal!

The first section is nearly together...and yes, I went color-sorted-scrappy. And yes, cell phone pictures at nine p.m. are amazing.

In a departure from the norm, I went scrappy with my last red churn dash, because I adore my Punctuation scraps and I didn't have enough of one piece to make a block.

And my palette of the week. Look, it's not food! Although suddenly I want pomegranate punch.

There's also been trips to the zoo, and Mary Jo's, and treasure hunts, and smores, and lightning bugs, and did I mention the pool?

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  1. Wow, yeah! I can see that Ripples and Reflections is pretty demanding at this point. So pretty, though, I completely understand the enjoyment of getting to put it away for a span of time! Ruffled Roses does that to me. It's so intense to get a measured amount of work done that I just couldn't stand to work on it straight through.

  2. All your blocks are lovely. That pink one is really catching my eye!

  3. I am a sucker for scrappy, (and red of course!), so this may be my favorite of your Churn Dash's! Have a great week!

  4. Love your strip piecing project. Looks like you are keeping a hand in the stitching even on vacation.

    Had Little Man been swimming before?

    Enjoy your vacation time.

  5. I'm with Heidi - this is my favorite churn dash so far.

    Love the color palette. No food? Disappointing. But the tulips make up for it for sure.

  6. Your Avignon Picnic looks really promising; I love the shade of pink, it is really South of France. I just downloaded the pattern, so I may be following your example soon.

  7. The pool looks awesome! Love your blocks and the Sudoku quilt top. I must try one of those some day.

  8. Looks like you are all having fun! Such beautiful quilts in progress.

  9. I wish it was warm enough here to be beside the pool. Instead we have frozen pipes from the frost. No hot water still at 10am. This is the first time this has happened in 14 years living here.......

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