Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Progress - Pieced Borders

So, a quilty question. What do you call borders that extend the main quilt top design? I mean, they're not just borders, or pieced borders. They're different. And I worked on two of them this week.

Tennessee Waltz - finishing out the points from the snowball blocks. TW will probably get another border in the grey.
Summer Drinks - finishing out the quarter square triangles. I think I'm done here. At least, I'm out of fabric!

I also finished a t-shirt quilt.

And quilted a second one.

...but both are just sneak peeks until they have been received!

And did my Weekly Churn Dash. This is one of my mother's old scraps.

And popped the binding on Mom's Halloween striped table runners so I had something to hand stitch while we drove around the Seattle area.

You know, where I ran a half marathon. Not even close to my best time {but also not my worst.} Considering my longest training run recently was...Portland's half marathon. A month ago.

And the boys played in the snow pack in front of Mount Rainier. It's not as dirty as it looks!



  1. How fun to play in the snow in June. :D Way to go with another half already! I don't know if design-extension borders have a specific name. Be interesting to find out. Can't get an answer in the googling I did just now. Love that floral back for one of the Ts.

  2. he in shorts in the snow?? I'm in Central Texas and just the thought makes me cold! Looks like you got a lot done this week. Love the churn dash.

  3. The boys look like they are having a great time they obviously do not feel the cold I remember then but now even seeing the photograph want to put on my ugg boots. You sound like you have had a great week. I don't know of particular name for additions or panels that make the quilts bigger, I call them panels and the final one the border. Happy quilting.

  4. Being out of fabric seems like a good reason to be done with a project. Looks like you have a few finishes on the horizon.