Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Progress - Making a New Routine

Okay, first of, is anyone else not getting all their comments emailed to them? I just realized this is happening to me {big sorry to anyone I haven't replied to...and I thought Lynn just stopped loving me!} and I don't know how to fix it. And I have about six seconds a day to reply to comments so I really need the ease of hitting reply!

And second off...ugh, let's just say after this quickie post, I'm off to buy a card reader and a new camera card. Only all the photos since our first trip to Korea. No biggie. Sigh.

So...things are getting a little better around here. We're working out a routine that works for lots of one-on-one play time and some play-by-yourself time that allows Momma to do some work. It usually ends when the Little Man starts "playing" with CC...but I can get some work done in between.

Which means my design floor is now a full t-shirt quilt! I need to do a little color shifting...too much dark there at the top. But it should be stitched together by the end of the week.

I'm especially proud of taking this shirt...
...with its V-neck and badly-placed-logo and cool side stripes and too-slim-for-the-block-silhouette... this!

And I did my Weekly Churn Dash - this fabric is from one of my very second quilt. No picture/link of the quilt because it was long before I thought about blogging.

And these have been coming along as leader/enders as well.



  1. Great job making that blue marathon shirt fit in with the rest!

    I also have some comments not making it to my inbox. Upon closer inspection, it turned out all the wayward ones are addresses. Doing a bit of online digging, I found out that this has to do with Yahoo now requiring email providers to decline any messages from a yahoo email address that aren't sent directly from a yahoo server, so comments from a yahoo address sent by the blogger server get turned away. Inconvenient, as you said, for those of us who need the convenience of just using "reply"!

  2. Oh, no! LOL - no way would Lyn quit loving you. :D I see Canuck Quilter figured out the Yahoo problem (how stinky of them!!!), and I had my own issues with aol arbitrarily and accidentally canceling my email account. Took them a full week to kick my "case" to a high-enough tech that could fix it.

    I am LOVING what you accomplished with that marathon t-shirt! Devon wants us to do a t-shirt quilt with band and swimming shirts from high school days, and when we can tackle that, you are definitely my go-to person to figure out what the heck we need to do. :)

    Enjoy your little man! Hey - did it take him a long time to adjust to this hemisphere's time?

  3. I just finished a block last week with a churndash. Yours looks great!

  4. I am so glad Lyn has her email back, her love was surely missed here too ;-)
    Your Tshirt quilt looks very well constructed - those can be tricky indeed. And I love that Leader/Ender project. I have an improve-style project next to the machine that is really growing, I will have to snap photos one of these days!

  5. I love the T shirt quilt, great job with the block construction. How's the transition to mommy-of-a -toddler?

  6. Visiting from WIP Wednesday, Hope you stop by and enter my giveaway.

  7. Great way to use the whole shirt, it was worth the extra work.

    Hope the schedule adjustments continue to get easier.

  8. Great progress on the t-shirt quilt. Sometimes making everything fit is the hardest part. Looks like you did it with style! Glad you are settling into a routine. Day by day....

  9. What a creative approach to that blue Marathon t-shirt. I'm so glad you highlighted it because it didn't show up in the picture with all the shirts together. Great progress with the other blocks. You're doing so well establishing routines with the little guy. Keep at it.

  10. Glad the routine is starting to figure itself out. A little Mommy time to sew is a wonderful thing.