Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monthly Goals - November

Okay, so we're already a little bit into November. But I haven't sewed since the Creeper because the Dude shared a long-lasting cold with me, then my sister and niece were here, and November is Nano, so I'm writing. Just not blog writing.

But luckily I don't have much I need to do for Christmas, so my November list is pretty short and sweet.

1) Rainbow Boats - a Hanukkah gift - just needs the rainbow stitched down, and scheduled for quilting early next week

2) Gobble Gobble wall hanging - I have a plan and should be able to stitch it together quickly this week, and toss it on the long arm with Rainbow Boats.

3) Squadron T-Shirt quilt - borders have arrived, so it's time to get working on this pile

4) St. Paul's Cross - really need to start cranking these out again.

There's obviously always plenty more to be done, especially once my sister mails me the wedding quilt blocks. And I'm taking a class on doll clothing construction. And I have a pretty good set of coupons for Joann's this weekend, so I'm going in with a list of quilts that need backing.

And a gratuitous kitten picture.



  1. Lots going on at your place. Good luck making progress on your to do list!

  2. What a cute kitten pic :D The NaNo thing looks interesting - You'll have to let us know what you ended up writing about!

  3. Some very nice projects on your list. I love the kitty picture too. I wonder if it is too late to post my November list of goals. I do have them on my tab, does that count?