Friday, June 28, 2013

Really Quite Random Quilt #1 - Finished!

The gal I did the Runner's T-Shirt Quilt for has a complaint.

...her two boys are CONSTANTLY stealing the quilt.

So she asked me to make them their own quilts.

The first one is Packers, tennis, and OSU fabrics. I had yardage of that, so I went with a simple strip design.

I kind of really like the way the OSU strips offset the others.

It's echoed quilted along the seam lines.

Backing is black minky {of course...I should have a bolt of it just for her!}


  1. That is so great that she wanted another quilt! really cute.

  2. I made DT her own quilt so she wouldn't steal mine. It worked. Congrats on the finish!

  3. wow. Thanks cool. Good for you!

  4. Nice quilt! Hopefully that will alleviate the theft problem.... Whoop whop!!