Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly Progress - To Market

No, not Quilt Market! But the house is officially on the market! I just have to make the beds and keep up with the dusting. And finally have some free time to...wait, what was it that I do in my spare time?

Oh, yeah - I used to sew! Not just cut out t-shirts every now and again!

That's all I did this week. It's not that bad, considering it's three out of five columns of a t-shirt quilt. Slice up a couple more and I'll have it ready to baste by the end of the week.

I monogrammed a bag front for a friend. She's making the Weekender - brave woman!

Design Wall still hasn't changed - big shock there. Assuming I don't get shut out of my house too much for showings, I'm going to dedicate an afternoon or morning after I finish the t-shirt quilt to this. I miss my own projects!

I made a couple 1.75 green RSC blocks as leaders/enders. And I did start ironing the dark blue bin. I think I'm only going to pick five, and five from the "other" blue bin - I don't want a lot of blue even if it is the majority of my scraps.

Oh, and Victor II? Totally passed the Dude test. All he said was, "wow, Victor looks better already!" Of course he does, sweet boy, Momma has great medicine. It helps that Victor II has the same habit of hiding in the shark's mouth.



  1. lol (Victor) :) way to go with the t-shirt work even through your busy time. It's got to be such a relief and pressure at the same time to have the house officially up now. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the house showings. Hopefully you can get some sewing time in to relax. Took me a bit to see Victor in the sharks mouth. =)

  3. How is the house showing going? At least it gives you a chance to get back into the sewing room.