Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Donations for Moore

If anyone is wondering about quilt donations for Moore, Oklahoma, my Project Linus chapter is located in OKC and is currently collecting blankets. My coordinator is really good about getting donations to the people who need it, not just Project Linus.

They are collecting quilts and blankets at Beth's Quilt Shop - 115 N Main Ave, Blanchard, OK 73010.

They take everything from tied fleece blankets to quilts. 

A simple blanket made of two 1.5 yard pieces of flannel sewn together, turned right-side out, and top stitched takes less than an hour for a 44x54" snuggly blanket. {And you can cram a bunch of those in a flat rate box!}


  1. So good to know. I'm in the middle of a couple quilts that have already been promised, so I'm tied up for a week or so, but then I'd love to make a quilt to send. Thanks!

  2. We ended up doing a donation to the OK chapter of the Red Cross, unless I anticipate it's hard to have a donation quilt ready quickly.