Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly Progress - Free Time

Happy Memorial Day!

It's amazing how much you can get done when you finish all the house projects and suddenly have nothing to do all day. And so far, everyone has been helpful at keeping things picked up, so the daily maintenance for showings doesn't take all that long.

Which leaves me lots of time...interrupted time between showings, but who's going to complain about that?

So, first I worked on a family t-shirt quilt.
{This is my fake nursery, that William will never sleep in. Irony. Or something.}

All interfaced and cut out, but the woman wants a border, and so it won't be sewn together until I know if there's a color we don't want on the outside edges.

Then once I reached a standstill there, I went back to the Raiders t-shirt quilt. It's all cut out and interfaced now...and between taking that picture last night and finally getting around to writing this, I pieced most of it together.

And I finally - finally - had a Boardwalk day! All the blocks are done and being shifted around until I'm satisfied with the arrangement. Like all those dark teals are in each corner now. 

My OCD {and out-of-school} assistant is trying to make sure no like blocks are touching. Which means there's been a LOT of block moving.

And here are the few little RSC blocks I've finished as leaders/enders. I'm still working my way through the green pile...I need to finish sorting the blue bin this week.

That's it - I'm trying {obviously} to keep as little out and about as I can, so there's less to clean up with the showings.



  1. Great work on green leaders and enders. Love your boardwalk blocks. Such pretty colors.

  2. Great you're getting some time to sew. I'm really liking those boardwalk blocks too!

  3. Those Boardwalk blocks are adorable!

  4. Boardwalk is turning out beautifully. The T-shirt quilts are fun, I really like the Raiders one, very dramatic. Hope the house sells quickly so you don't have to deal with all those showings!

  5. Hard to believe you have time when showing the house. Who'd have thought? My son is a big Raiders fan -- might have to try and do something like that, eventually. Great week!

  6. Hey, wow! A lot of Boardwalk progress. :D I can just see an OCD assistant fretting over the placement. hehe

  7. Ohw,pink boardwalk are the best to walk on! :-)
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