Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekly Progress - On The Little Things

Lots of little updates this week!

 First, William's first birthday was Sunday. And this part of adoption? Really sucks. Oh well - we will celebrate his second and onward with him!

Second, this old fat boy is doing well. Stitches come out today, and hopefully we'll figure out a diet that prevent the stones coming back for both cats! No easy task, since they get stones for opposite reasons.

Third, since I have a picture of almost all my other kids... I took out my minky scrap box to show to a client. Someone loves minky.

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
Another week with no organization. I really need to get back into the fifteen minute habit, because the flat surfaces are getting covered again!

Design Wall
The Toyland row quilt is pretty close to the assembly stage. It's been a good leader/ender project - I'm going to miss it! Oh wait, I have another one just like it.

{How to tell if you've exceeded your design wall space}
 My second version of Raspberry Dessert! Full post later this week.

I also finished a wall hanging for my mother, in PEO colors.

And now I really need to work on the to-be-quilted pile!



  1. oh my~! i've clearly been away for too long . . . it sounds as though you have a new little one in your life~!!~ congratulations~!
    i'll read back a few posts and see if i can piece it all together.

    what hasn't changed is how much you amaze me with your organization and productivity. all of these projects look so fun but i especially love the toyland row quilt~!


  2. Awww, I feel so sad for you that you can't share William's first birthday with him.

    I've re-pinned your bundle. I made my little goal (only needed 14 repins) so I'm pretty excited!

  3. Oh Katie... it's so hard to watch your child grow up on the other side of the world... hang in there!!!

  4. The cat thing and the kidney stones is obviously a common problem in the cat world. Lots of work done at your place this week by the looks of it. The 15 minutes really helps

  5. Looks like an incredibly productive week. Little William is so cute -- so sorry you have to wait so long.

  6. My cat also has those issues - we have them both on lamb and rice to keep the one with stones happy and healthy(ish).

    The Raspberry dessert quilt is great. I wish I had space for a design wall in my apartment, but at 284sq ft the fact that I have quilting space at all is a miracle.

  7. Wow, lots going on in your sewing room and your life in general. Love your Respberry Dessert quilt. Good luck getting back to the organization. I'm fighting that battle too!

  8. Anxious to hear more about the Raspberry quilt - I know that feeling of overwhelming the design wall - ha. And sweet pic of baby ... can't wait till he comes home to you!

  9. Wow! You've been busy! Love the Raspberry Dessert quilt - it's such a clever design! But of course what Jaybird Design isn't?!

  10. oh, wow - look at your Raspberry Dessert! it's really marvelous. I like that Grandmother's combo, too. :)