Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekly Progress - On Our Own

We dropped my mother at the airport last week, and now the Dude and I are fully on our own. It's a good thing school starts this week, because he is already bored of me!

I have been unpacking slowly and doing a sewing space overhaul at the same time, which has led me to a new Fifteen Minute Challenge - pressing and folding all my fat quarters {and semi-FQ shaped pieces} the same way. 
So far, I've only done it Friday/Saturday/Monday, and I have a pretty big pile to work through. So for fifteen minutes, every day, before I start sewing...press and fold.

First thing I unpacked was my Picture-Perfect Polaroid Block Swap fabric, and finished them up only two days late.

{my favorite}

{except maybe this one, with the bunnies photo-bombing...}

 Next, I whipped through my Wrapped in Hope quilt. The kid requested "Marvel heroes, red and black." I think I nailed it! I have all the rows sewn together now, and as soon as I figure out backing, it will be basted.

And finally, I finished the sashing on Central Park Sudoku. It's not done - I want to add a skinny and a wide border - but that will have to wait until my shopping list is complete.

No Progress:
Fat Quarter Stars (6/12 blocks)
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 (15/36 blocks)
LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 (12/12 & center) 
Chunky Log Cabin (13/20 blocks)
St. Paul's Cross (2/42? blocks) 

Layer Cake Quilt Along 

Vintage Holiday Quilt Along - another one for the shopping list. I have piles of Fairy Frost...but none for background!

Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - approved 5/12
USCIS paperwork - mailed 6/12
Home Study to Korea - 6/12
Referral Accepted - 6/12

New Projects: 1
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 12


  1. What adorable photo blocks - is that Beatrix Potter fabric?

  2. I really like the colors in your central park quilt. Reminds me of soft colored stained glass.

  3. I do love that Central Park quilt. That fabric is still a favorite of mine!

  4. Good luck with your fat quarter pressing. Even 15 minutes of pressing gets old fast I find. The Avenger quilt is very bright, very fun.

  5. Love the marvel hero quilt, yep you nailed that one, it's awesome!

  6. love your polaroid blocks. very nice.

  7. Love your sudoku quilt, super cheerful. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  8. wow - it's amazing how you keep going no matter where you are! Looking good! I need to do the 15-minute challenge tidying up my sewing room!