Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WiP/FMC - Packing Again

Here we go again...
And it's the big one - to the East Coast and saying goodbye for a while.

...and then to New Jersey for the weekend. Just in case I haven't spent enough time in hotels recently.

Before packing up, I worked on my Spongebob blocks, and forgot to take a new picture since Monday. They're not done, but they're pretty close!
 Of course, I can't find the borders that I know I cut before I left. Luckily the Dimples fabric should be easy to find...but annoying since I know I have five yards of it at home!

16/24 nine patches done. Next step is the snowballs, and like I mentioned on Monday, I'm going to have a little Snowball Fight next month. 
And since it's Christmas in July around blogland, I'm going to get a layer cake of Joy and snowball that up during the Fight, with alternating color corners. 
If you want to follow along, you need a layer cake {or (42) 10" squares} and one yard each of two colors. Or two yards of one color. Or 5/8ths each of four colors...but let's not get too crazy around here.
 And I got a bit bored and started some blue bowties. 

Fat Quarter Stars (6/12 blocks)
LQS Saturday Sampler 2012 (12/36 blocks) 
LQS Saturday Sampler 2011 (12/12 & center) 
Chunky Log Cabin (13/20 blocks)
St. Paul's Cross (2/42? blocks)
Big Blue (hand stitching binding)

Application Submitted - 2/12 
Home Study - approved 5/12
USCIS paperwork - mailed 6/12

New Projects: 1
Completed Projects: 0
In Progress: 9


  1. Ilove the Katie Mae Spongeblog blcks

  2. Too bad about your borders. Hate than! But good progress! And I probably won't be snowballing with you but will definitely follow along! Good Christmas quilt idea! Take care as you travel, say farewell, etc.....

  3. You've got a lot going on and I don't mean just sewing! Your spongebob blocks are gorgeous. You'll find the border fabric as soon as you stop looking. :)

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday - have a great week!

  4. Fun stuff, well other than the packing, flying and saying good buy. You've made a lot of progress in your "hotel" time.

  5. i know i've said it before but i just really adore that nine patch fabric combo~!!~
    as for snowballs in july . . . i know it would be smart of me to start christmas projects early but i cannot bear to think about cold weather during my all to short summer season. nope, not happenin'. it's all about sunshine, flowers and blue skies for at least another couple of months.

    bow ties are a classic as well as a blue and white color scheme so that project is bound to be stunning~! am looking forward to seeing more of it.

    wishing you good travels and safe landings and all of that. take good care.


  6. Wow, Kate - you get way more done than I do when everything is crazy. Way to go! :D Love the SpongeBobs. Sorry about the deployment - I hope it passes as quickly as possible for you. Quilting really helps me get through those separations - something to concentrate on and make plans with and progress along to make the time seem less oppressive and take my mind off of fears. Do you know if he'll be able to Skype on this one? Scott couldn't on the last one he did, and I'll admit I was so jealous of other spouses who could (different deployment locations). Hopefully you guys will be able to. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!