Monday, June 25, 2012

DWM - Summer Drinks

Ha, remember when I said I was going to get this done last Thursday?
There's a LOT of seams to press. So not quite done yet, but it's getting closer.
Oh, and Kate pointed out that the colors remind her of lemonade. And pink lemonade and green favorite summer drinks! And so the quilt has a name.

And on a completely different note...
I'm nearing the end of the nine patches, and that means I have to start the snowballs. I'm not a huge fan of snowballs - tediously sewing one corner after the other, and double, of course, to get that bonus HST.

So... I was thinking about hosting a "Snowball Fight" in July. Just a little series with snowball inspiration, and a link up {with prizes!} for anyone willing to throw some snowballs with me. Anyone interested?


  1. Hmmm--snowball fight in the summer. Well--at least these snowballs won't melt!

  2. LOVE those summer drink blocks! And there might be time for a snowball fight.... ;-)

  3. Sounds like a cute idea for July. Not sure I've got a snowball project though. What plans have you with the ones you'd be making? Nice combination of colors soft green and pink. Always a favorite of mine. Sandi

  4. Beautiful blocks! Love your Tea and Lemonade blocks, very thrist quenching!

    Hmm, snowballs in July might be fun. Don't have a project on the board using those right now. If you have ideas, I might be able to play along.