Monday, June 4, 2012

DWM - Stripey Triangles

Settled in and sewing!
And man, isn't the hotel lighting great??

I'm planning on getting a flannel-backed tablecloth for a real design wall, because the bed is not cutting it. And this layout, while easy, requires paying attention to the stripe direction, so I need to see where I'm going with it!

This is the little table I'm sharing with my husband's studying. It's a pretty tight fit - the "kitchen" and door are a chair's width from the table - but we're making it work. For now.



  1. Love the stripes. A design wall is going to be very necessary for that one. Does your guy complain that the sewing machine makes it hard to study or do you refrain from sewing when he is working?

  2. I'd be happy as long as I had a sewing space! ;-) Liking the stripes!