Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Progress - Ahead of Schedule

It's feels so nice to write these and actually have significant progress to share! This coming week is D-Day - wedding weekend - so there will be less progress. 

But I had a couple things that needed to go with us to the wedding, so I got them crossed off the list this week. As in, it's Monday and everything that needs to go with me on Thursday is already done. Yes. Be amazed.


Yoda robe for my cousin's son. I used this tutorial and it took less than 45 minutes. Probably because I used fleece and didn't hem a darn thing. He already has the rest of the costume. {Whew. No idea how to sew Yoda's ears!}

Almost Finished!
Twin Boys How Charming - quilted together on the same backing, now cut apart and ready for binding.


{Need a design wall so I'm not laying things out over a car rug.}

Rainbow Boats - which probably needs a better name... Rainbow is cut out and pinned down. I actually used a Hotwheels track to define the curve, in an unlikely assist. It's going to the wedding so the customer can look it over before I fuse anything down.

Slowly but surely, the creeper costume is coming together. Right now it's the leader/ender project.

I even started cleaning up the sewing room and putting away some of the stuff that piled up from working on too many projects at once. Yeah. This is disturbing me, too.

If I finish my projects for the week {bind How Charming x2, piece Swoon back, find cotton candy} AND pack, I might just reward myself by cutting into my husband's old flight suit for a messenger bag. Wait, how is it a reward to do something I'm terrified to do?



  1. Wow! You are totally rocking the to-do list! I love what you have been doing with the quilting too. You are making me feel like a slacker though. ;-)

  2. Love, love your How Charming quilt. Love it so much I bought the book so I can make them. The Yoda robe you made is perfect. You have been on a roll with all of your projects. Hope your time at the wedding is wonderfully fun.

  3. Killing the project list! So impressed!

    And you're not alone in the lacking a design wall boat. I'm captain of that ship I think. Love the car rug up there. Keeping it real for sure!

  4. I can't wait to see the creeper costume. I told my son it wasn't a choice because I had no idea how to pull it off.

  5. Congrats on being ahead of time! Your projects are lovely. I especially like the rainbow boats :)

  6. Lots of progress! Congrats on having such a productive week.

  7. Looking good! What a lovely finish!

  8. Well done getting organised and finished with your projects!