Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Progress - MORE SNOW!

We did get the winter storm they predicted last week, and it was about as good as Oklahoma gets.

{Yeah wind, blast that tree!}

We lost power overnight, so I shoveled myself to the car to check Facebook. Luckily it was back by 10 am....other friends out here were not as lucky!

{Of course I had to make french toast! I had bread, eggs, and milk!}

Of course, my dear husband decided that the middle of a snowstorm was the best time to tell me we were moving back to Spokane, WA. You know, the place that got something close to 100" of snow the last winter we were there.

He's buying me a snowblower for my birthday.

Anyway... I waited until the end of the month to get anything significant done on my sewing projects... Good thing for those monthly link-ups to keep me moving! So while it looks like I did a lot this week, really, most of the stuff was near completion and I just finished it off.

{Finished!} Layer Cake Snowballs - post here.

{Finished!} Starburst Pillow - I'm really glad I went with a pillow instead of a quilt. I know it wouldn't have gotten done if I tried for a whole quilt. The quilting is based on Karamat's Mini-Swoon Swap - I wanted to practice before tackling my Swoon!

{BOM} I started putting together the Sampler, but quickly ran out of the black. Go figure - you need a lot of that!

 {Design Wall} All the pink blocks for Boardwalk. It will not look this pink! I ironed and started cutting the teal fat quarters today.

{Rainbow Scrap Challenge} These have been finishing up throughout the month as little leaders/enders. March is orange, which will be hard - I don't have a lot of it.

My new Flirt project is mostly cut out and strip sets are forming. And look - it's the ONLY thing on the cutting table!

I also made a set of Cat Tails. But I don't remember which set it was. One of these...

Oh, and I did this. Yes, the medal is bigger than my hand. Yes, I beat my Tulsa time. Yes, hills make your butt hurt. A LOT.

{Fifteen Minute Challenge} I took a deep breath and plunged into the horrors of the scrap box, where bags of old projects are sent to never be sorted. Stuff I want to keep together are now boxed and labeled. And I have a bigger pile of scraps to re-sort into colors. {Still not enough orange!}

Fifteen Minute Challenge @ Life In Pieces


  1. Everyone of your projects are beautiful!
    Your picture of going to the car to check FB was funny!
    Also, your front tree is almost identical to mine in my yard. Looked like my neighborhood too~

  2. wow. so much coolness going on here!

  3. Oh, don't you hate it when you run out of fabric mid-project? That pillow is LUSCIOUS!

  4. The pillow looks fantastic! I also love the look of the cat tails-it is the only time the cats should outnumber the hoomans.

  5. Wow! You are getting so much are you doing it? I really love the cat tails...feeling very inspired ;0)

  6. The snowball quilt is "spot on" for your weather. LOL

  7. Wow that is a lot of projects! I love the starburst pillow, and the kitty quilt, what fun!

  8. Congrats on all the progress. The Layer Cake Snowballs turned out nicely and looks so appropriate laid out on the snow. Can't wait to see how that teal looks with the pink in Boardwalk.

    You are braver than me tackling all those scraps.