Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekly Progress - Bad News/Good News

Bad News: my sweet baby kitty has lymphoma. Not the white one who lives in the quilt room, but the black one who prefers the sunny spots. I got him almost twelve years ago as an eight-week-old kitten, so this is...hard.

Good News: he's responding well to steroids and chemo for now. It's palliative care, but I'm happy that he's comfortable. And he's certainly loving the extra cuddles.

Bad News: my calf is pretty sore...

Good News: ...because I did this...again.

Bad News: I got almost no sewing done in the last two weeks...

Good News: ...mostly because I was prepping for and then going on a cruise. {Or cuddling with the cat.} 

Oh, and you should always do a half marathon before a cruise. Then when your judge-y husband is questioning how many ice creams you've had that day, you can be all "I just ran a half marathon!" Even if it's Thursday.

It was very hard to leave my Wedge at the vet for a week, but she wanted to observe him for a few days into the treatment anyway, so it worked out okay. And by okay, I mean, I nearly started crying into my third glass of wine at the fancy steakhouse on board. But okay.

Anyway, I did get some sewing done.

{Finished} the Dude's birthday present, a Minecraft Zombie pillow. He sleeps with it every night, and it is affectionately known as "Zombs." Yeah. He's weird.

Pieced all the strips for Flirt Marks the Spot, and started pulling the strips into blocks. {And that color is not at all accurate. New sewing room = bad lighting.}

{Design Wall} ...sigh... I should just stop posting. Haven't finished any new blocks, therefore the Wall is not changing. Going to make Boardwalk a priority this week.

Color pull for a Disappearing Four Patch with a Twist quilt for my sister. I need three more yellows...

{Fifteen Minute Challenge/Rainbow Scrap Challenge} I pulled my yellow/orange scrap box to see what I could come up with. I'm massively behind on orange for my RSC, so it was about time I got sorting this box in my fifteen minutes.

...oh, and I got a commission for a rainbow chevron quilt {ala Red Pepper Quilts} so I'll be pulling for that, too.

Last week during my fifteen minutes, I worked on organizing some of the random projects in my old sewing space, and learned two things.

a} I have too many UFOs/PIGs. Some of those are stalled projects...some have never started. At least they're labeled now?
b} I may have too many shoes.


  1. lol about too many shoes. ;-) But seriously, so sorry to hear about your kitty - always sad news. Glad you were able to have the fun of the cruise.

  2. Sorry about your kitty. It's good that he's comfortable and enjoying all the extra cuddle time.

    Congrats on the half marathon. After the cruise, you should be all fired up to make some changes in the design wall. It looks like you have a full week lined up.

    I found all my PIGs last year and decided that many of them would go on this year's NewFO list. So far I've started one of the four this year and have almost finished one that I started last year. It will feel good to have those done, almost like having a clean slate.

  3. LOVE all the good news! (And especially loving that medal!) But so, so sorry about your kitty. That's the worst news.

  4. I'm giggling - too many shoes? For me, it's too many sneakers.....LOL I never tell hubby when a new pair make it to my closet. LOL

    Projects and sewing? Your seem to get more done than me - and I didn't take a cruise!!


  5. Aww I'm so sorry about your cat. But yeah, I think you earn however much ice cream you want to eat the day after a half marathon! ;D

  6. So sorry about your kitty. Life is full of good and bad news that's for sure. Hope you get to have some sewing time therapy. Love the design wall even if it hasn't changed.

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