Monday, December 24, 2012

Weekly Progress - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Eve!

This week was all about finishing up the doll dresses and mailing my boxes to the East Coast, then relaxing for a moment before cleaning the house.

A pile of dresses for my nieces.

{Beacon Lights / Broken Star}
My mother was sent to my house with specific instructions to rescue my sister's block book. So, if I finish three of these every day until they leave...or slash their tires...

Made a couple of these as leaders/enders.

Design Wall only has one addition in the past two weeks.

Still slacking on the UFO challenge.

Not slacking on the 15 Minute Challenge! After everything was sewn, I tackled the sewing room in little spurts - sorting the pattern pieces back into their proper places, clearing off the cutting table, and cleaning up scraps.

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  1. I must have missed something somewhere - So: What's your sister's block book? :)