Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Progress - Doll Dresses

Quilter's Corner, a Connecticut quilt shop, is collecting pillowcases for the surviving children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton. The tube method is super easy and I know I'll be making a couple.

As for sewing this week, it's been doll dresses, all day, every day. {Next year, I swear, I'm making one a month! Seriously! Okay, not really.}

This is my new model, Vivienne.
Two Cinderella dresses. Lamé is lame. These still need their velcro so they will fit better, and headband.

 Purple party dress.

Pink party dress. I need to find my scraps and make a fabric flower from the pink to cover the seam in the bow.

I still have a blue dress cut out that I need to sew, and a cowboy skirt and vest to make, and a leotard and tutu. Hopefully will get all that done today so I can mail off Christmas tomorrow!


{Design Wall} No change, no new blocks.

Still insanely slacking on the UFO Challenge and Fifteen Minute Challenge. I've been doing a quick five minute clean-up every day before I start sewing, just to keep the cutting table semi-free of clutter, but that's it. 

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  1. Cute doll dresses. I made them for my daughter when she was little and I know they are very time consuming. Some little girl is gonna be thrilled.

  2. You know I love your generations BOM quilt - these doll dresses are so sweet!

  3. Love ♥ how the black sets off all the colors in those blocks.

  4. Clean time always suffers when one is on a mission, especially when it's Christmas gift related. The doll dresses are so cute. DT didn't do dolls, so I didn't have a reason to make them.

    Havea wonderful holiday season.

  5. I love the doll dresses! As a mother of a girl who loves her 18" doll I agree with you that they are fun to make! I need to make more... : )