Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Progress - Not So Much

This week was kind of a wash - I lost a day going to OKC to celebrate being the wife of a veteran by getting 20% off at Joann's. With that plus the 60% off coupon, I scored some Kona for about $2.50 a yard. Woo! That's way more awesome than having my veteran home with me!

I also dealt with a stomach bug and a really cruddy long run last week. Luckily I'm feeling better and the forecast is pretty darn near perfect for Sunday - no wind!

So my sewing progress was less than stellar last week, but I'm already catching up.

UFO Busting/Design Wall
Same blocks, different layout. The Dude likes this one a lot. I'm not completely in love. {Does it count as UFO busting if I'm just moving the same blocks around a wall?}

Fifteen Minute Challenge - Organization
Pinterest project! I haven't managed to do it for 15 minutes every day, but it's a start. It'll take a lot of 15 minutes to get through my ribbon drawer. {Why do I have so much ribbon?? And ric rac?? And lace??}

Finished quilting the second running t-shirt quilt. Should have the binding on and deliver it by Wednesday!

Saturday Sampler 2012 - slight miscut required a fabric substitution in the last one - Twister / Martha Washington Star / Air Castle

Donation blocks for My Patchwork Life - they're really not as bright as they look

Started cutting out American Girl dresses. Both nieces have/are getting a doll, so I will be providing wardrobes for the next few Christmases.

Fifteen Minute Challenge @ Life In Pieces

UFO Sunday @ the Free Motion Quilting Project 
Design Wall Monday @ Patchwork Times 
BOMs Away Mondays @ What A Hoot 
Fabric Tuesday @ Quilt Story 
WiP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced


  1. How fun to make American Girl dresses. :) And you got a lot of blocks done up this week!

  2. Congrats on the bargain! And fun doll dresses....I've done that in my day!

  3. Wow, you got a lot done this week!

    I just came upon your blog, and I really enjoyed my visit. :)

    (Btw - I have a white cat too, and he looks a lot like yours! Your profile pic made me do a double-take. lol)

  4. I've been doing AG doll wardrobes the past two Christmases. Got a few dresses in the works for this year too. Love that you have disappearing 4-patch blocks too - I just discovered them. Yes, I must be living under a rock!

  5. you have a lot of interesting projects in the works :) and yes, I think moving the blocks around the design wall definately counts as making progress ;)

  6. I'm making American Girl dresses for my granddaughter for Christmas. I should think about getting started on that...

  7. Hope you are completely recovered from the stomach bug.

    Sometimes you have to play with those UFOs before you figure out what you want to do, so I'd say that moving the blocks around does count as UFO busting.

    All of your blocks are looking good. Hope you get more time to sew next week.