Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snowball Fight! {Week 4}

Do you save your snowballs' HSTs? Good, because now you have a whole other quilt!

Here's a Moda Bake Shop tutorial with several different HST layouts.

I'm planning on this one, because there's stars in the pattern.
{Leftovers from the Layer Cake Snowballs make a 12x14 layout, 30x35"}

One of my favorite non-traditional HST layout is Debbie's from A Quilter's Table.

Need more inspiration? There's a whole Flickr Group for that.

Or you can toss like-sized HSTs in a bag - I have my Nine-Patch-Snowballs leftovers in with my leftovers from my Blue Bowties. At 1.5", they're pretty tiny, so I'll add more bonus-HST before I decide what to make. Someday.

Week Three of the Layer Cake Snowballs

Alternating color corners, sew together seven rows of six blocks.
You can either lay it out in advance, or wing it. Press each row in alternating directions, and I pressed my final seams open.

My layer cake had a lot of directional prints, so I planned out each row as I went along, but I didn't worry too much about where everything ended up as long as they were right side up.


  1. Very pretty! That's a great pattern for direction prints. So is this one for you or is it a Christmas gift?

  2. oh hst's are so versatile. Thanks for the shout-out...enjoy using your 'leftovers!'

  3. Hsts are prime suspect for getting me into a lot of quilty goodness!! Love your snowball quilt. It's so fun looking!

  4. I love snowball blocks! Yours are especially pretty! Whoop whoop!!

  5. Snowball is on my to do list and July is the perfect time - maybe next summer. I just used my left over HST from Swoon to make star tips to go in the quilt - thankfully they were bigger than 1.5 - that's pretty tiny.